Patience (Just Trees 4)

A year after I returned to serious photography, in 2009, I came across this archaic ritual:

2009 Summer

Whenever I visited McCormick Creek State Park subsequently, I stopped here for a few minutes.

2010 Winter

Visiting this place became a ritual by itself.

The winter of 2009/2010 was violent, and the tree got a bit dislodged.

2010 Summer

It remained like this for another year.

2011 Winter

But in 2012, the spring flooding carried the tree away.

2012 Summer

Whenever I passed by, I checked how this place had changed, hoping for another fallen tree to appear on the altar stone.

Last year, something unexpected emerged.

2020 Fall

A young sycamore has grown, lodging its roots under the rock.

Let’s be patient.

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