Dual pillows (Solitaire XXIV – From the Pillowbook XVIII)

Today we introduce the dual pillows:

Duality 0 01

They arise as follows: Take a tiling by pillows, and practice social distancing. The gaps between the pillows will instantly become occupied by the dual pillows, like so:

Pillowtile 01

While the dual pillow don’t look anything like the standard pillows (which also don’t really look like pillows, I just wish they would), they are nothing but real pillows, which might be the quintessence of any duality. To see this in this instance, let’s switch to the arrow representation of pillows I introduced to make Alan Schoen’s cubons accessible to flatlanders:

Duality 1 01

A pillow is replaced by a cross where an arrow pointing away from (resp. towards to) the center represents a pillow bulge inwards (resp. outwards). A tiling by pillows becomes an oriented grid graph. Rotating every edge of this grid graph about the center of teh edge by 90º and changing its color from orange to green creates the oriented dual grid graph, which we can now interpret pillows or dual pillows.

Duality 3 01

Purists will suffer under the different appearance of pillows and dual pillows. So above is a more sober but completely symmetric representation of pillows and their duals. They, as well as their more baroque counterparts, can be used for puzzles and games.

Dual game 01

Above to the left is a 3×3 board game. It is easy to fill it with the abstract pillows / dual pillows so that colored squared are correspondingly covered and gray triangles never overlap. But you can do this competitively, green and red taking turns until one player can’t place a tile anymore.

Or, if you still prefer isolation, can you tile a larger 6×6 board with 6 sets of pillows and dual pillows?

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