Chanterelle (Mushroom 2)

There are, more or less, two kinds of mushrooms: Those you can eat safely, and the other ones. Among the edible, I can identify morels and chanterelles. The latter ones have become abundant lately:

2020 08 11 12 13 25

Over the last few weeks, I probably have collected about 10 pounds. 

DSC 5102

They are not only beautyful, they also taste extremely well. So here are two micro-recipes:

DSC 1868

Step 1: Clean. A toothbrush will do. Don’t be squeamish, a bit dirt won’t harm you. This will also help to sort out the fake chanterelles, in case you accidentally got some. The fake chanterelles have true grilles, while the true chanterelles have fake grilles. Easy.

DSC 1871

Fry at medium heat. For immediate consumption, I use a bit of olive oil, garlic, pepper, sprinkle with cilantro. In that form, they freeze well, or better are eaten right away. I like them with tagliatelle noodles.

DSC 1873

A second option is to use lots of butter. When almost done, add a bit tomato paste and vinegar, and blend it carefully with more butter until smooth. Spice it up, if you like, but make sure not to overpower the delicate taste of your chanterelle butter.

DSC 1875

This will go well with the right kind of bread, for instance a decent loaf of baguette (one doesn’t always need to have a thick crust…)

The butter will also freeze well. If there is anything left.

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