Skeletons (Prairies I)

DSC 3700

Now that the summer here has (temporarily) cooled down a bit, I took the chances and visited the Columbia Mine Preserve, 90 minutes away, in order to see the prairies in full glory. I had to pay a price, but it was worth it.

DSC 4741

They are teeming with life, with many insects, and fortunately for me, also many insect eating insects.

DSC 4777

Most of us humans deny them consciousness, so maybe they don’t know how beautiful they are.

DSC 4800

They are beautiful to us, but what gives us the right to think that they are only beautiful to us?

DSC 4827

Maybe we shouldn’t be so arrogant, but instead be thankful for what we are allowed to witness, for a limited time.

DSC 4815

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