Stereo Moss (Moss III)

Cross 1

Continuing humidity has led to the prospering of micro-jungles also called moss.

Cross 2

I have posted two sets of extreme macro images earlier, and today we continue with macro stereo images of moss.

Cross 3

The images are all for cross-eyed viewing. Ideally, view them on a large monitor, sit back, and focus your eyes at a point half way between you and monitor. Then relax the focus to the monitor. If you have difficulties, try the last one first, then slowly scroll up.

Cross 4

Hand made stereo images of still life-sized scenes are easy to make by taking two pictures, moving the camera approximately eye distance in between. Our brains are tolerant…

Cross 5

This doesn’t work for macro images, one needs to move the camera by mere millimeters, using a focussing rail sideways. Enjoy.

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