DSC 3684

Now that all the pretty spring wildflowers are gone, it’s time to pay attention to some of the other vegetation that prospers in the humid Midwest. As you can see, they still have to learn about social distancing. 

DSC 3713

I know next to nothing about mushrooms. The beauty above is probably a coral fungus. But don’t trust me, and in particular don’t eat one just because you have seen it here.

DSC 3742

They grow with an astonishing speed, and take on shapes that range from gracile to monstrous. And they are usually gone after a few days.

DSC 3753

Some look so strange that I don’t even know whether they are mushrooms.

DSC 3758

The ones above were photographed with a macro lens. For the one below I didn’t have one, but I also didn’t need one.

DSC 3983

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