Old Man’s Cave (Ohio VI)

The most prominent feature of Hocking Hill’s State Park is Old Man’s Cave, reportedly the home of a hermit who lived there in the late 17th century. If not for the visitors, this place comes close to my ideal of a place for contemplation.

DSC 5501

The recess cave itself is very open, like a balcony, and unsuitable for permanent shelter. This is where we stop, free our mind of ourselves, and let the raw landscape take its effect.

DSC 5280

Another view is downstream, towards the bridge. This is the place to contemplate decisions. Three paths meet here. So one has a threefold choice: remain in the cave, or cross the bridge, and then continue either left or right. We will talk about the two latter options next week.

DSC 5244

From the bridge itself, one has the view onto a serene waterfall. This is the place to find focus.

DSC 5255

Finally, if we decide to leave, there is always the look back, turning presence into memory.

DSC 5262

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