The Dark Tower (Columbia Mine Preserve II)

After looking at the mining facility near the Columbia Mine Preserve from the outside last week, now it’s time to step inside.

DSC 2182

This is already the second floor, from a total of six. Thanks to the broken windows, the wind has done a decent job cleaning the place.

DSC 2191

Moving up. This feels like one of these dungeon computer games where you have to deal with cute monsters on the way up (or down). I am pretty sure I know where the undead from the three (!) cemeteries I passed on the way spend their free nights.

DSC 2210

Further up. It also reminds me of Snakes and Ladders. One misstep, and you have to start climbing all over again, if you can.

DSC 2218

The eeriest part of the place is the sound. Birds have conquered it, and the sounds they make are surprisingly close to human chatter. Maybe this place is some sort of temple for them.

DSC 2219

It also feels like I am an exploring some alien space ship. I have absolutely no clue what these enormous machines were used for. 

DSC 2220

Not only birds have left their stains. Monsters, undead, animals, aliens — what do we fear most?

DSC 2234

Down again, unharmed. Two decades ago, this place was busy with people who worked there. Where are they now, what are their stories?

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