After the temperatures finally dropped to proper levels for January, it was time for another serendipity walk in the lightly frozen landscape.

DSC 4675

Usually I know when I have taken a decent photo. This time, I was not sure. When the warming sun came out, the reflections of the light and the doubly layered images of ice and ground beneath created unusual opportunities.

DSC 4684

Thawing is a violent process. This has never been made as visceral as in Andrei Tarkovsky’s film Solaris, in the scene where the visitor thaws.

DSC 4686

There, it’s the likeness of the alien that frightens. Here, the familiar shapes of leaves become alien when superposed with the fragile patterns of the ice that still covers them.

DSC 4689

There is a strange esthetic appeal in this violence, a desire to explode, and come to life.

Not yet. It’s January still.

DSC 4699

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