Permanence (Across IV)

DSC 1542

On the way across it is worth to pause occasionally and to spend a few hours reminding the legs what they were meant for. The southern route across leads through wonderful Flagstaff, and I recommend to make a slight detour to see the Red Rock Secret Mountain Wilderness. 

DSC 1545

The pictures here are from Brins Mesa Trail which climbs up for scenic views and can be easily completed into a loop, surrounding the hump below. Not all trees grow in pairs here.

DSC 1571

After the monochrome winter landscape of the last two days, this is an explosion of color. While the trees will eventually grow, break, and die, their beauty will stay, if only as a memory.

DSC 1630

Sinkholes remind us that there is also beauty in impermanence.

DSC 1607

This piece of moss must be infinitely content, being able to contemplate all this.

DSC 1583

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