DSC 3262

A few weeks ago, my daughter brought home several of these. A waterplant. Neither she nor I know what it’s called. She says she downloaded it. Language. Reality. 18 years ago I expected she’d been driven me mad with new fashionable forms of body modifications. Our children are there to surprise us. 

DSC 3264

Let’s have a closer look. The ant is there to eat to show us the scale. This is the stuff above water. Leaves.

DSC 3252

And here are the roots. We first kept the plants outside in the shade in tap water, which they didn’t like. Now they are in the sun in tubs full with rain water, which they seem to love. The roots have grown immensely, making it stay.

DSC 3258

They consist of long, pale strands with many smaller, almost translucent tendrils branching out. I had never looked at a clean, delicate root system like this before.

Do mermaids have hair like this?

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