Wahweap Hoodoos (Utah 2019 I)

Let’s begin this year’s series of posts about southern Utah with the Wahweap Hoodoos.

DSC 1520

To get there, drive east on Utah 89 from Kanab to Whitewater, turn left and follow the dirt road past the fish hatchery. Then hike for a few hours north-west, following the usually dry wash. In our case, it wasn’t dry, and we had to cross it eight times. A benefit are the mud formations on the way. 

DSC 1458

The hoodoos become eventually visible on the left side of the valley.

DSC 1568

There are probably about a dozen rock formations like the ones above and below, where the weather resistant hoodies have protected the columns beneath from erosion.

DSC 1571

During the long hike, there is plenty of time to contemplate other aspects of the landscape, like still lives of odd pieces of vegetation.

DSC 1617

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