Finally, the Grayness has arrived.

DSC 0241

Some places have a fifth season. California, for instance, has a few weeks of High Summer where the air seems fresher and the sky more lucid than usual. Indiana, on the other side, has Gray Winter.

DSC 0232

There are ways of resistance. One is through structure,

DSC 0233

another through subversive use of color.

DSC 0224

In Michael Ende’s masterpiece Momo, the men in gray talk people into depositing their free time (usually spent with relaxation or talking to other people) into retirements accounts, which is of course fraud, because the men in gray feed on other people’s time. Fortunately, there is Momo.

DSC 0231

Early morning frost and earlier flooding accentuate these little attempts of resistance that nature puts up.DSC 0245

Let’s not become the gray planet.

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