Ups and Downs

Lake Monroe is Bloomington’s water reservoir, and I imagine its waterfront properties are pricey. Having a large, perfectly situated peninsula becoming a Nature Preserve must have upset quite a few potential buyers.

DSC 0222

It took me a while to check it out. Traffic is low, mainly because parking is very limited. The only trail is straightforward, literally. It does a boring up and down along a modest ridge with an occasional view of the lake. If you go early, you will see herons and in years to come hopefully other critters who enjoy the lack of human presence. 

DSC 0219

So, while walking along, I was wondering what else one could do with a marvelous place like this. A single trail didn’t seem enough. Is this an opportunity lost? 

DSC 0231

At the end of the trail, one reaches a small beach where a few maple trees display their root system in a graceful dance. Changing water levels are hard at work to landscape.

DSC 0235

Let Nature do her work. I am happy to just watch.

DSC 0238

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