Fern Cliff Revisited (Ferns 6)

DSC 0177

It is amusing to see that my own ways to look at things change faster than what I am looking at. 10 years ago, I took these pictures at the Fern Cliff Nature Preserve. Last week I decided to pay the place another visit, and fortunately, it hasn’t change much (in contrast to too many other things).

DSC 0183

This is maybe because it is not so easy to find, or that the humid Indiana climate recreates whatever grows quite rapidly.

DSC 0187

To the  plants on the rock faces (bryophytes and ferns) these 10 years must seem like nothing. They have been around for millions of years.

So here we switch from wide angle to macro lens.

DSC 0190

Some of the vertical walls are completely covered with soft mosses, liverwort, and other beautiful little things.

DSC 0192

Maybe we would be ecologically more reliable if our skin looked like that. Collecting water has become an art.

DSC 0195

Did I promise ferns? Here is an unusual one:

DSC 0204

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