The Red-Veined Snow Trillium (?)

Three years ago I mentioned a Snow Trillium with red veins. This year, it (or a close relative) is back, prettier than ever:

DSC 8350

There is no such thing as a red-veined snow trillium. But given that there are different trillium species that I have a hard time to tell apart, this one is quite distinct from the much more common trillium nivale (ordinarium). Which is also pretty:

DSC 8296

And this year, the red-veined (or hot-blooded?) variant was not a single appearance. Here is another specimen:

DSC 8306

My attempt to find more was marred by heavy sudden snowfall. After most of the 3 inches had melted away, what was left looked a bit ruffled. 

DSC 8355

Some protected themselves by huddling together, like the apparent snow hexillium below.

DSC 8340

That one is definitely a fraud. There are, however, very rare quadrilliums.

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