DSC 0790

Indiana is mostly flat, so there are no spectacular views from mountain peaks. Every little dropoff becomes an attraction, in particular when flowing water is involved.

DSC 0796

One hopes that heavy rainfall would make things better. Up above you can see a portion of the Upper Cataract Fall, which continues over a few cascades and has a total height of 45 feet. 

DSC 0822

Not spectacular, but quite pleasant. The site claims this is the largest waterfall by volume in Indiana. I guess this depends on when you measure. 

DSC 0842

Equally pretty are the flirting trees on the shore. The words “upper” suggests that there is also a Lower Cataract Fall. It is supposed to drop 30 feet. This is it:

DSC 0846

The second problem with Indiana is that the ground drains poorly. So, after heavy rainfall one gets heavy flooding. In this case, the lake behind the Lower Cataract Fall has risen to the height of the top of that fall, making it disappear. Bad luck?

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