The Other Side (Trevlac Bluffs Nature Preserve)

The Trevlac Bluffs Nature Preserve is divided in half by Beanblossom Creek, and each part has its own hiking trail. DSC 0789

There is no connection, because one side of the creek consists of a very steep and (for Indiana) pretty tall cliff. Most people will probably prefer the well maintained southern part where you get a decent hike with neat little sights like the shed up above, or the pond below.

DSC 0782

On top, you get a view of the creek, always obstructed, even in winter.

DSC 0768

I found the other side much more exciting. It is mostly wetland, and the trail is rather a maze of paths. 

DSC 0732 2

You meander around and inhale the intoxicating atmosphere of water at work.

DSC 0712

After heavy rainfall, finding a path to the creek is not trivial, but well worth the effort.

DSC 0716

Just don’t do it on a sunny day.

DSC 0740 2

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