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Currently, TripAdvisor has two reviews of the waterfall at Bólugil. One of them states the waterfall can be seen from the road, the other states they couldn’t find it. What you see from the road is a little less than what you see above, and, while pretty, not exciting.

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To find this waterfall, drive west on 1 from Akureyri, towards Varmahlíð. There will be a sign to the farm Bóla to the right, with a four-leaf clover symbol on it, indicating some sort of attraction. Park at the gate or drive through to the bridge. On the way, you’ll see a fenced in area with a monument for the poet Bólu-Hjálmar. Why would be a monument here, in the middle of nowhere?

DSC 4678

This is all very frustrating. From the little that is available online, this Bólu-Hjálmar must have been an interesting character, living here in Bóla in the late 19th century, and writing sarcastic poems. Our library has a biography about him, in Icelandic, which I regretfully don’t speak. But is says a lot about the Icelandic people and their dedication to literature that they put monuments up like this.

DSC 4683

Nature seems to have put up its own humorous dedication. When you reach the canyon, you get a hint that their might be more than the little stream. Climbing up on a possibly imagined path, there appear more little falls

DSC 4691

and more

DSC 4687

and more:

DSC 4688

European Waterfalls claims there are a total of seven steps. The way back to the car leaves time to meditate about the intrusion of civilization into this remote landscape.

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