Tulip Trestle

DSC 8692

This is the Richland Creek in Green County, Indiana. Nothing spectacular about it, but this is how much of southern Indiana looks like in winter. This creek is bridged by an enormous railroad trestle, whose insisting presence almost justifies is existence.

DSC 8674

Near the ground, the steel posts are hidden in the brush. Then they emerge, undeniably.

DSC 8691

Made, not grown, and grabbing all the space there is.

DSC 8729

Is dialogue possible?

DSC 8688

The letter T, with which both Tree and Trestle begin, (and Tower, Tall, Top, and others, worse) seems to indicate in its negative space the lack of anything above.

DSC 8660

Will Time say nothing but I told you so?

DSC 8784

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