Happy Second Birthday!

This little blog is now two years old. As a birthday present, here is yet another visit to Strahl Lake in Brown County State Park, this time at a full moon.

DSC 7300

This turned out to be more difficult than I thought, and I tried it twice this year to capture the lake front in moonlight. The image up above shows how dark it really was. Below is a  picture an hour after sunset.

DSC 0821

Of course, the camera allows you to expose as long as you like, capturing more light than real. Below is what the camera thinks it should look like, assuming all images require the same amount of photons on the camera sensor.
If not for the stars, this could be a faded color print of a daylight photo. Eerie.

DSC 7304

Let’s end this year with a little more realism. We will need the light.

DSC 7302

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