The Zone

In his film Stalker, Andrei Tarkovsky transforms the mysterious zones from Arkady and Boris Strugatzky’s book Roadside Picnic into a spiritual personal experience for the visitor.

DSC 7337

I like that concept of a place that is off the map where we can go and dream or contemplate.

DSC 7334

Fortunately, it is possible in Indiana’s slightly boring landscape to just step off the path and end up in one’s own little zone.

DSC 7340

Granted, there will be no alien artifacts to collect, and no wishes fulfilled. But that was never the true purpose of Tarkovsky’s zone. Instead, a zone allows undisturbed introspection.

DSC 7365

Sadly, these undisturbed space become harder to find, and maybe we have to move the zones into a virtual space. When the space limit on this blog runs out, I might call my next blog The Zone.

DSC 7369

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