Pictures are Better than Words

DSC 5652

With Fall around the corner, it is time to revisit a few friends. One of the less traveled trails in Shades State Park is the loop #2 in the eastern part of the park (but still west of Pine Hills Nature Preserve).

DSC 5654

It begins with a steep descend to Sugar Creek (using stairs).

DSC 5663

One can wade through the creek westwards about 100 yards to get a view of Silver Cascades Falls

DSC 5673

and then turn back

DSC 5686 HDR

in order to continue upwards into Pearl Ravine.

DSC 5657

This is again steep and sometimes very wet. After some minor obstacles

DSC 5717

one reaches the Maidenhair Falls.

DSC 5740

They are small but pretty.

DSC 5743

From there, it goes up and out.

DSC 5745

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