Arbeit und Struktur

DSC 4006

As hinted at in a previous post, I have been spending a fair amount of time this summer preparing 3D models for clay printing. I will talk about the models and the results at a later point. Today, we focus (or de-focus?) on watching the process. Printing a model takes time (say two hours for a model 20 cm in width) and requires almost permanent attention.

DSC 4140

So one naturally begins to pay attention to details. The shallow focus of a macro lens not only allows to pinpoint these details, it also blurs everything else into pleasant abstraction.

DSC 4309

Color is almost irrelevant, unless one wants to bring out the gradual change of clay type from layer to layer. Everything is reduced to utter simplicity, to the extent that the all too human question for meaning is becoming meaningless.

DSC 4367

What matters is structure, and the work to be done to maintain it.

DSC 3863

Arbeit und Struktur (Work and Structure) is the title of Wolfgang Herrndorf’s Blog-Diary that he wrote in the last three years of his life.
This diary distills much of what mattered to him while facing death, and the title is a further reduction of this to just two words.

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