The Underneath

The Underneath is the title of a book by Kathi Appelt that I and my daughter really enjoyed reading. It has, however, nothing to do with this post but its compelling title.

DSC 3264

What would the world look like if we were as little as we righteously should be: Suppose we were bug-sized, waiting for food or to be eaten in a forest of may apples. What would we know of the larger world?

DSC 3149

Above us the strange smelling flowers, and below the decaying leaves from last fall? Tough choice.

DSC 3221

Or, imposing and obviously hungry giants. Would they eat us, too?

DSC 3492

Maybe there is a protective cave behind that tall waterfall?

DSC 3485

One of the good things of being little is that even small rocks like these become impossible to lift.

Welchen der Steine du hebst …

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