Bryce Canyon in March is a risky endeavor. Two years ago strong winds and temperatures below freezing prevented us from exploring much else than the vistas. Yes, we are wimps. This year most trails were open, but it was still cold enough to keep the crowds away.

DSC 2348

Looking at the amphitheater from above in the late afternoon light doesn’t suggest that there is a trail though this maze of hoodoos.

DSC 2148

Descending the Navajo Loop Trail from Sunset Point reveals competing inhabitants in this sloped landscape.

DSC 2159

I did not expect to see forests at the bottom of this. The contrast is peculiar. Short lived trees among eternal rocks?

DSC 2220

The direction of growth is different, though. Nevertheless, the hoodoos and trees protect each other from erosion and desert climate.

DSC 2270

After completing the Peekaboo Loop, we say farewell to the trees.

DSC 2294

In my next life, I want to be a hoodoo, too.

DSC 2340

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