Balance (Zion National Park)

Every symmetry needs to be broken.

DSC 1303

The tree up above stands on a pass that separates the Upper East Canyon in Zion National Park from the area south of it that eventually drops into Parunuweap Canyon. The casual tourist driving on route 9 will not wonder what else there is beyond the magnificent scenery that is accessible from the road. We did. The symmetric tree on the pass is not an indication what to expect.

DSC 1353

The way up through the sometimes narrow Checkerboard Mesa canyon is not difficult, and the view back from the pass is already rewarding.

DSC 1319

Turning around, the landscape opens up. We are on top of an intermediate mesa, and can stroll around, even climb some minor peaks.

DSC 1236

Few people come here, we had all this for ourselves. Still, there are regions higher up, not (yet) revealing their secrets to us.

DSC 1234

Then, this rock, put by chance upon much smaller support that did not erode away like everything else, and kept it in balance.

DSC 1229

So this is what we seek: Broken symmetry, but still balance.

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