When I was a graduate student I lived next to the Kottenforst, a decent forest in the south-west of Bonn. While largely unremarkable by itself, it offered me the opportunity to try things, like getting pictures of the reflection of a full moon on a frozen pond.

Moon 1

The way to get there was partially paved and good enough for a safe bike ride at night. I had left my bike at the bridge that leads over the pond, and didn’t expect to see anybody.

Moon 2

While I was busy with tripod and macro lens, I heard a car approaching. This was not only unusual for the time of day (midnight), but also because the narrow road was not permitted for cars.

Moon 3

The car stopped, and police lights went on. They must have had their suspicions. I shouted at them from the far shore of the pond that I was just taking pictures of the moon. They left me alone.

Moon 4

Whenever I am stopped by the police these days (it doesn’t happen that often), I am tempted to use this excuse again.

One thought on “Lunatic”

  1. The thing I keep in mind whenever that happens is that they’re people too.

    Back in my late-teens I was in my parents’ driveway with my telescope, a 10″ reflector. A police car pulled up and turned on their blinding lights. My eyes were dark-adapted from sitting in the shadows for so long — it hurt. But of course, I told them what I was looking at (I believe it was a planetary nebula) and after that they left me alone.


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