Minimal Surfaces in the Wild (k-Noids I)

Making photorealistic images of minimal surfaces is one thing, but making real models of minimal surfaces and putting them into the landscape is quite something else. In July 2015 I was contacted by the Swiss artist Shireen Caroline von Schulthess who planned to do exactly that. She needed 3D models in order to build large wire frames that would then be wrapped in thin, colorful fabric. These sculptures would serve as loud speakers for recorded voices from local interviews with the topic “wishes”, to be played as an installation at the Lenzerheide Zauberwald festival.

Shireen 1b

Here is the wireframe model of the Finite Riemann minimal surface. Given that I already have difficulties bending a single metal coat hanger into a given shape, I can only admire the skills of Shireen and sculptor Adrian Humbel to accomplish this at this scale.
Below is the partially clothed 4-Noid.

Shireen 2

And this is the Finite Riemann surface, fully clothed.

Shireen 3

All three of them, ready to be released into the wild, and weather proof.

Shireen 4

Not even the installation is easy:

Shireen 5

To bad I can’t be there. This must be quite an experience.

Shireen 6

All pictures in this post were taken by Shireen.

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