Le Ventre de Paris

The Belly of Paris must always have been a place worth visiting. After the food market was dismantled, Les Halles became a gigantic shopping center. I have not seen it since the new construction began a few years ago.

Paris 27

In any case, the area is a place worth visiting without wallet. At some places, we cannot tell anymore whether we are inside or outside.

Paris 29

Architecture permeates everything, even the layout of the boutiques. The lady was not pleased with me taking the picture and called security. And this was in 1991.

Paris 31

Long passageways in almost black and white made me think of Alain Resnais.

Paris 26

Escaped, one wonders if Henri de Miller’s sculpture L’Écoute in front of the nearby church of St Eustace ever gets a quiet moment.

Paris 28

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