The Grand Gulch

Spring Break 1994 took me to Utah. After 24 hours in the car the landscape started to look like Max Ernst would have painted it.


The entire week we (a group of eight members of CHAOS) would spend hiking through a large part of the Grand Gulch, a primitive area in the south eastern corner of Utah.


This meant packing food for six days, and hoping that there would be enough water.


Hiking through a canyon like this can be claustrophobic. After descending to the canyon floor, one is constantly surrounded by unclimbable walls, and the barren vegetation is little consolation.


But of course the landscape is full of surprises, with new views at every turn. And then there are the Anasazi ruins.


The Ancestral Puebloans (or Anasazi) were a large Native American civilization that disappeared after 1150 CE, likely due to a climate change. Not much is known about them, but in the Grand Gulch one can find their cliff dwellings and pictograms.
There are worse things to leave behind.


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