Music for the Eyes (Iceland XI)

Waves are endlessly fascinating. Iceland, being surrounded by water, has plenty of them. The image below might appear quite ordinary, but for the rather irregular ripples at the bottom right. They were caused by the high frequency vibrations of the motor on the boat from which I took the photo.

DSC 8305

Thanks to a large amount of inland water, you can find more waves virtually anywhere, like here at Geyser, with colorful deposits.

DSC 7444

Just a few feet away, the landscape at your feet changes dramatically, but still offers waves.

DSC 7447

And even without water, you will see waves. After staring at rocky sand

DSC 8570

and lava beds in the large

DSC 7551

or more up close,

DSC 7563

when you finally have enough and look up at the sky…

DSC 8608

There is no escape.

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