Black, Green, and White (Iceland VI)

Googling for Black, Green, and White leads to some interesting things. There is black, green, and white tea, of course (to my delight). There are black, green, and white wires that puzzle some hobby electricians. Then there are some countries that have these colors in their flags. Iceland should be one of them, but isn’t.

DSC 8115

Green is not only the color of the moss that covers the older lava fields. You have it with the algae

DSC 8790

and the shrubs,

DSC 8462

always contrasted by water, sky, and earth. The simplicity of the color pattern is contrasted by an astounding complexity and diversity of the landscape.

DSC 7411

Much of earth must have looked like that before man, and maybe will look like that again.

DSC 8219

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