Cracks (Iceland II)

We usually think of a crack as a blemish. A cracked window needs to be replaced. The cracked patina of old paintings is reluctantly accepted as a proof of age. In The Fall of the House of Usher, Edgar Allan Poe has turned the crack in a wall into a bad omen of the worst kind. Roman Polanski did likewise with cracks in concrete in his film Repulsion. Are cracks really that bad?

In geologically active regions like Iceland, cracks happen more often than elsewhere, and on a much larger scale.

DSC 8181

The cracked wall above is from a house on the Westman islands that was half covered by the lave flow from 1973 and is kept as is as a monument.

Cracks appear everywhere. In individual rocks,

DSC 7776

in the ground like here near a lava tube,

DSC 9008

vertically, splitting entire mountains,

DSC 8630

or here, where the crack is literally between the American and European continent.

DSC 7741

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