Decay (Museum Hombroich II)

Hombroich003 wp

There are more things to see and do at the Museum Island Hombroich than to visit the pavilions. Artists in residence produce landscape art, and concerts are given.

Hombroich006 wp

I wonder how this sculpture has withered since I took these pictures in 1992. This one is part of a full circle of such outcroppings.

Hombroich021 wp

Mechanical structures clearly without purpose alternate with objects that are equally clearly of daily importance but could as well be just pieces of art.

Hombroich017 wp

An outdoor museum where the objects are exposed to the elements defies the usual purpose of a museum: the preservation of its artifacts.
Here at Hombroich the time has just been slowed down a bit, making it the main object to contemplate.

Hombroich024 wp

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