Rock Garden Trail (Red River Gorge State Park II)

I am a big fan of rock/tree formations, and thus the Rock Garden Trail in Red River Gorge State Park was a must for me.

DSC 7564

The rock garden is, expectedly, very different from designer Japanese landscapes. Because everything is here by chance, all depends on the viewer.

DSC 7565

It is hard to say what I like about these landscapes. They are clearly not everybody’s taste.

DSC 7567

Maybe they vaguely suggest archaic temples to me — either unfinished, or in utter destruction. The trees serve as columns, while the rocks are material for more permanent structures, to be used or in slower decay.

DSC 7639

The Nihilist’s Bridge (Red River Gorge State Park I)

DSC 7692 HDR

The Natural Bridge in Red River Gorge State Park (Kentucky!) doesn’t bridge anything, like most natural bridges.

DSC 7774

One can walk under and across and thus use both functions of a bridge, contemplating the pointlessness of the act in this case. It helps that the bridge is more or less on top of a mountain.

DSC 7792

That there are trees on top is giving hope, though.

DSC 7810